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I considered the 2 and got the V6 myself. The ecoboost has about 10 more HP stock and I think its 40 pds of torque more and with a tune you can get a lot more, but thats also about max without upgrading the turbo. But youve also got a 340hp car getting about 28mpg. There are less mods out there for the V6 since the companies are pushing the Ecoboost. But even with all that, I just wanted the V6. A little less to worry about under the hood and if I decide to put a blower of some type on there, Im over 400hp. But I also only get about 22-23 MPG on my car with a good bit of country driving and a little city driving.

2015 Mustang V6. The 'Go' came from the factory. Working on the 'Show' part.
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