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I don't really have a "dream mustang"..... for me and my preference in this model.......the best of breed are still readily available and affordable today. The newest examples are just THAT GOOD!

But.....there are old cars I love .....

As an all around car guy who isn't especially brand loyal...... I have other cars that fit into the "dream" Category more easily and more often........but there is one Mustang I'd like to own along with it's rivals.......I'd love to have one of each ......a few authentic '69 Trans Am race cars from that legendary rivalry would fit the bill of Pony Car dream Garage.......I'm not greedy one Z/28, one BOSS and one TA Challenger there were others but I don't need 'em to be able to say, "Dream Realized!"

Only real challenge would be figuring which one of the 3 to take for a spin on those Quite Sunday mornings where I'm in the mood to terrorize the neighbors with big over sized Holley Carbs, open headers and high RPM Small Block loudness as only heard from old school engines that almost refuse to idle at anything much less than 2500 RPM.

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