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Originally Posted by fbaltan View Post
Appreciate the feed back but you might wanna do some research. It added 30hp per the website and when I tested it with the track app on the vehicle it shaved .8 seconds from my 0-60.
I have no doubt the track app shaved the time with environmental conditions. But here is the research...

1. No one (ISO certified test facilities-wise, using real scientific test criteria and processes) has been able to duplicate the claims of any aftermarket CAI manufacturer.

2. With regards that if you have a CAI you need a custom program………….hogwash- poor design leading to false sensor readings!!!!!! The OEM software system is designed to adjust the fuel mixture up to 10% (25% on the 2000+ mod engines).......that’s more than enough to handle fuel mixture adjustments up to 7,000 foot elevation change! (for high elevations 8,000+ there are oem software programs for those specific applications). So assuming you actually are able to force more air into the engine, the ECM can easily adjust to maintain AFR.

3.If you look at the dyno charts from many of these supposed HP/TQ increases, they are typically around 5%-7% at peak rpm ranges…….guess what, 5% is a standard deviation even amongst mfg dynos and if you go to this link

4. The 2013 Mustang 5.0 V8, for example if close to stock (assuming 6,800 max rpm & 90% volumetric efficiency- note that is race car spec and likely higher than reality) can only suck in a maximum of 535 CFM, and the OEM flat panel filter ( 12.375” x 9.675”) will flow 718 cfm, how can just a CAI force more air into an engine that is already injesting everything it can? It can't plan & simple- basic laws of physics without a forced induction system and is supported by:

A) In 2012 on jay Leno’s garage, when inquired, Fords Mustang Chief Engineer Dave Pericak specifically stated that the use of an aftermarket CAI will do nothing to gain any power.

Testand Corporation conducted an ISO standards test on automotive air filters which can be viewed at this link: All I can say is this explains in detail the reason for

(Arlen) SPICER wrote,

“Now that I am not doing the tests and my objectivity is not necessary, let me explain my motivation. The reason I started this crusade was that I was seeing people spend a lot of money on aftermarket filters based on the word of a salesperson or based on the misleading, incomplete or outright deceiving information printed on boxes and in sales literature

“After only 24 minutes the K&N had accumulated 221gms of dirt but passed 7.0gms. Compared to the AC, the K&N “plugged up” nearly 3 times faster, passed 18 times more dirt and captured 37% less dirt.”

If you look at the flow data, WIX HP filters flow 98+% of K&N and have a much smoother flow post filter plus excellent filtering, for a fraction of the price! on an OEM replacement unit..... I and real data by an ISO certified test facility.

The formula which is used by every air filter manufacturer in the world to determine the CFM for flat panel filters is...

Flat Panel CM= Length x Width x 6

...all PR materials for the sticker hp crowd!

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