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There comes times in life where that kind of step is necessary Lion. Kudos to you for reaching that milestone.
As Jon said though, I think you will eventually miss it more than you realize. It will take some time. Probably not next year, but I'd say by 2017, spring time. When you start seeing all the muscle cars back out on the road and cleaned up, hearing the rumble of the exhaust. It will hit ya.

Been there done that, I went on about an 8 year hiatus without American V8 muscle until last year I finally could afford to add a 3rd car to the fleet.
I will honestly say, every spring I would always kinda be bummed the first couple weeks, just missing my old bird or vettes.

I wish you well on moving forward with your life, and just know that when you are ready, there will be another Mustang, Challenger, or what ever your flavor is than waiting for you. (just be sure to keep it domestic
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