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Originally Posted by RedMustangGT View Post
Cuz I still want the power when I step on the gas but at what certain point do I need to switch gears? I noticed its at 2,500 rpm? But at what rpm can I still hold on the gas?

Also downshifting.. From 6th to 2nd gear when I downshift I press on the gas but also waiting until the rpm hits 1k rpm then I lower gear.. Any advice?
Congratulations on your new ride, post some pictures of it sometime!

Regarding your question, I'm not really sure what you're asking. Is this your first time driving a standard shift?

Every car is different and you just need to learn to feel when the best time to shift is. For me, I've found that every gear needs to be winded out to a different RPM. Listening to the engine is also very important.

Your car's particular gear ratio plays a huge role in finding when to shift. I have the 3.73 so I row the gears all day long.

That all being said, the 5.0 doesn't start to make noticeable power until about 3000 RPM, and it really come alive at 4000 and higher

Good luck and enjoy that new ride!

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