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For just daily driving, I shift my 13GT around 2k rpms. I also have 3.73 gearing so the shifts come quite frequently. There is still enough power at 2k rpm to move around with some authority. 6th gear to 2nd is quite a downshift. Normally I wouldn't be in 6th gear below 40mph. My 2nd gear tops out around 55-60. There isn't much wiggle room there. For big downshifts like that you'll want to rev match. 6th gear at 40 mph you'll be near 1100-1200 rpm and when to drop it into second you'll be closer to 5000 rpm. You'll need to give it gas before releasing the clutch in 2nd gear otherwise it'll engine brake hard. As mentioned, this is with the 3.73 gearing, so if you have a different diff ratio, you'll RPM and MPH will vary.

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