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Originally Posted by blackdragon View Post
i am currently pulling a big block 460 from a 1988 F-250 to put it into my 1980 mercury capri ghia. i want to use the car for drag racing for a few times then sell it. its got a 8.8 inch rear diff thats open. once the engine is in im gonna take a video of me snapping the old axel shafts or blowing the spider gears out of it. i dont want to put the original seats back into it i want to put a racing seat into it but alas i have little to no money. any suggestions on how to obtain some super cheap or free racing parts?
Well for starts.......that 460 truck motor is gonna continue to run like the truck just in a foxbody unless you minimum change out the camshaft.

If it is EFI you will have to change the computer too or it will really run like a truck!

93' LX hatch, 460 w/150 plate, TH400, 9" w/ 3.60 spool. Best (so far!) of [email protected] 146 mph with 1.40 spinning 60' on steel heads
Been saying single digit coming for 3 years.....guess I finally made it!
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