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The ecoboost has 40 more torque and hits their max HP lower in the power band. The V6 hits its 300 closer to red line. But, you can always put a blower on a V6, still be under $30k total and be around a stock GT or a little faster. Where as the Eco is maxed out without putting in a bigger turbo. Which means you are already over $30k and then replacing the turbo. Might as well go for the GT.

I think that was a deciding factor for me. The cost of the ecoboost was close to a GT. A V6 was significantly less (mine after deals and cashback was $24k off the lot) and at 300hp is already more than anyone needs unless going to the track or 'playing' stoplight racing. For less than a grand, I can get mine faster then an Eco. (TB & long tubes) $2k if I want to be really competitive with some suspension upgrades and a tune, if that Bama tune comes out and shows its worth the money.

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