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Originally Posted by Jerry5.Bye View Post
Hi, I have a Borla S exhaust what will be the best x pipe or H pipe power wise and tone wise?
If you have the S-Type catback, it already comes with an X-pipe. If you have just the S-type axle back kit, then an after-cat midpipe really just comes down to personal preference. Power wise, I don't think you'd notice much of a difference between the X-pipe or the H-pipe. IMO the real benefit of an after-cat mid pipe is that it removes the factory H-pipe's neckdown from 2.75" to what appears to be 2.25". Keeping the same 2.75" diameter throughout the entire midpipe will certainly help flow.

As for sound, it's all personal preference. I personally like the raspier sound from an X-pipe but others like the muscular H-pipe rumble. Your call on that one.

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