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So.... Let me get this straight. You are equating your Ford Mustang to a Porshe 911 GT3? That is pretty awesome since it costs almost $100k less. We are talking Ford Mustang. Not Porsche, Jaguar or Maserati. I've already said the auto is the future. Ive said I like the auto. As of now for a road course, in a Ford Mustang, the manual 6 speed is the way to go. How hard is that to understand?
If I were getting a car to race in a straight line, give me the auto all day long.
All of Ford's built for the track cars all come in Standard. Why do you suppose that is the way it is? It couldn't be that Ford's six speed auto isn't as good as Porsche, Jaguar, Maserati or Ferrari's gearbox? Could it?

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