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Whatever dude. Make sure you don't edit the article to take out the "maybe's" and "might not's". That is a speculative article without any hard facts. If the GT 350 is to come out with an automatic transmission, it will most likely be special transmission made for Shelby just like the manual.
Also, your car isn't a GT350. We are talking about your auto with 3:55 gears compared to a PP GT on a road course. You keep bringing in these articles about other cars to justify your arguement that your car is as good on a track as a car made for the track. That car is made for the track. Bigger brakes with a beefier suspension. But because you have 3:55 gears you think your car will compete on a track. Believe what you want. As long as you are happy with your car, I'm happy for you. Enjoy life bud.

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