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Originally Posted by stevegt2012 View Post
Think about how often you get a chance to drive top end vs how often you get to enjoy improved acceleration on a freeway on ramp.

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3.31 seems like the best rear end ratio for the MT82 to me also, but not because of top speed. These cars will never hit the theoretical top speed in 6th gear anyway, they are limited by the speed limiter and/or drag long before that. There are some situations where you might hit slightly higher top speed with 3.31's in 5th gear than 3.73's in 6th gear . . . . but that is at some very high speed like 150+ MPH anyway, and who really goes that fast? Unless on a road track with a really long straight, nobody.

The 3.31's just work out to a better overall range of gears for overall driving -- I see no need for a steeper first gear, and it gives you a fairly tall 6th gear for highway cruising.

On the on ramp or the highway, you can just downshift, unless you are already pushing 7,000 RPM, which I doubt.

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