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Father and son.

Man oh man, father and son, that's what it's all about. The 95 that I have now was my dad's. He bought it in late 95 or early 96 with 13k mi on it, 'twas a demo, remember those days? I was in 6th grade I do believe and for a little while it was the car we'd take on trips and my older sister and I would be cramed in the backseat. It accumulated over 300k mi in stock trim and then it set in the weeds for a bit. It never broke down it just kinda got pushed to the side, you know the trade in value of a 200k mi car is crap, so they just kept it kind of a deal.
Long story short in '09 dad had the motor rebuilt and then I bought it from him. However we still would split the upgrades/mod costs and then we'd get together for the install. Not so long ago I got relocated for work and I don't have a garage to put er in so she's back at dad's, I hope not for too much longer.
The moral of the story is if we can't think of anything else to say we can always talk mustangs

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