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MT82 Pops out of second gear and grinds. 2013 Mustang GT

Hi guys im new here but I think it was time to start getting into forums, anyway recently I started experiencing problems with my transmission, every time now when im shifting into second it goes in with no problems but as soon as im about to let go of the clutch the stick pops out, even when im at a stop and I press the clutch and put it in second it goes in no problem just like when im driving but if I let go of the clutch to take off it pops out also, now this is not all the times, if I throw the stick into second really fast it will actually stay in or if I put the car in first then second it will not pop out. Also if im driving and throw it fast into second like for example doing some high rpm shifting it goes in but I can feel a slight clash or grind on the stick. My car is a 2013 with 65k miles on it already because I do a lot of highway to and from work everyday. I purchased the car used with 11k miles and based on the carfax before I had the car it looks like ford had already did a trans rebuild, and not 5 months ago my third gear had a nasty grind and they fix it once again and now it looks like is the third time. Problem is this time is out of warranty and now I might have to pay Ford to fix it again with the same crappy parts as they did before.

I went ahead and swapped the QDC fluid that it has stock and went with Royal Purple MaxGear 75w90 oil since I have seen a lot of guys having success with this and it got a bit better but it still messed up. Is this caused because my second gear syncro is failing ? I don't understand why sometimes it just shifts normally into second. I have already contacted Deysha by PM and hope to hear from her as soon as possible, this is really irritating that I still have 5 more years of payments on this car and im looking at spending 5k or more into getting my trans fixed up.

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