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Originally Posted by jacknifetoaswan View Post
Mine is already up to 2500 miles in only five weeks (GAH!), and I'm debating my first oil change at either 3k miles or 5k miles. The oil that they use in new engines typically has special additives to help break in the engine, so I'd like to do it sooner, rather than later. With the holiday next week, I'll probably hit 3k miles in two weeks, and I'll change it, then, but I won't trust anyone to do it, plus, my three-year-old son has been BEGGING me to help change the oil on 'Red Vroom Vroom'.

I haven't gotten under the car to check out a jacking location, so I'm interested in that, as well.

I've been using Mobil 1 with K&N filters for years, but reading more and more about how XOM has decreased the quality of Mobil 1, I'm thinking about trying out Pennzoil Platinum or Ultra. The Ultra is billed as being made from natural gas, which is supposedly 25% cleaner, but both are full synthetics, and both are rated very highly, while still being below that Royal Purple/Amsoil price tier.

I'll probably stick with the K&N filter, though as they have high filter flow rates, and don't bypass the filter element at high flow rates like other, lower quality filters.

I called the dealer and they told me the same thing about the additives from the factory for break-in and said to leave it in for 5000 miles. I'm probably going with Mobil 1 or the Motorcraft synthetic blend.
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