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Originally Posted by Firestorm View Post
Put the car in your garage, hang the keys up, grab them in the spring and go drive your car. A car sitting for 3-4 months is not going to do anything to it. The "WORST" thing that "might" happen is your battery is drained, but even that is unlikely. If you are worried about it, put a battery tender on the battery.

Today's chemicals, engines, fluids, tires, etc are all substantially better than they were 30+ years ago when people came up with these "storage" methods. For cars today, there just wastes of money and time.

Storing a car is putting it away for years, not a couple months.
I think you're SPOT ON!!!

AT occurs to me I've store at least one car and often more than one each winter for 30 years plus now. (three-four cars in each of the past 10+ years)

Fact is I've never had an oil related problem or for that matter a gasoline related problem.

Rather than oil......... the battery. If your car will sit for more than a month chances are you'll have to either start the car a run it in place or better still.....throw a charger on it. Cars without a computer I remove the battery and put in my basement on a shelf. .......and then anti freeze.......I always make sure it's within it's lifespan on cars I've owned long enough to worry about it. It gets cold here New Hampshire. Last winter we saw a couple of -11 degree nights......God forbid you have old weak anti freeze when those nights happen.

The single biggest worry I have is rodents. Little critters can create real havoc and they are potentially very destructive.

I generally change oil and clean the cars really well inside and out. Fortunately I have the space to get them all indoors out of the weather and covers are not necessary. But oil changes before storage is just the best time to do it because most of these cars see an oil change just once a year now that we have access to such higher quality synthetics vs the past ......and since the mileage on all them is relatively low each year.....more than once a year seems incredibly wasteful.

For longer term proof of effectiveness. I have one car that seems to tell the story. A older Corvette with a mechanical Holley Carb is certainly going to inject far more contamination into it's oil than anything modern with computer controlled engine management and injection. Yet the now over 20 year old crate motor with approximately 35,000 miles accumulated on it still runs well and burns through no oil between changes that I can detect.

this all leads me to agree with the post above...... any car parked for just a few months isn't really "in storage" long enough to worry about much.

IMO.....Real effort is required if a car will be stored for a years...not -so-much for mere months at a time. An older Camaro that I parked in a barn for 10 years.......that was tough. Getting it out and ready for sale required real effort after so many years stored. A still really good looking car needed lots of TLC and real effort to get it ready to sell without worries of problems during potential new owner test drives.

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