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Originally Posted by crjackson2134 View Post
I'm concerned that I either disabled the stability / traction control, or it's not working.

The last couple of times I took out the stang, I punched it in second and got loose in a big way (which is fine). I didn't feel or see any dash lights to indicate any of the AdvanceTrac was or was not working. When I first got the car (2 months ago), the thing wouldnt let me get loose if I wanted to. I could physically feel it "stabilizing" the car when tires spun a little and that's what I expected here on out.

With all the kiddy controls turned on, does anyone else's car still let them break traction enough to fish-tail?

Could I have accidently disabled this function? If so how to I re-enable full AdvanceTrac?

You are expecting way too much from the nannies - and demanding too little from yourself.

First off, the physics involving available grip (friction) cannot be overruled by the nannies. While they are capable of doing things to control your car's heading that you cannot - essentially making better use out of whatever grip is available, they cannot create tire grip beyond what exists there.

It is your responsibility to be aware of this, and if you're going to be driving a high performance car in a high performance manner you need to understand that. As noted already, summer tires begin to lose their good grip at, more or less, mid-40s to mid-50s temperatures. And the calibration of the nannies in different cars or cars with different performance intent can well be different. The bottom line here is you just can't hammer away on the pedals and jerk the steering wheel around the same way year round; you've got to learn how to drive your car for the available conditions. Challenge those conditions at your own risk and with an expectation that the car won't stay "stuck down", as it were.

You should be able to safely drive your high performance car, on summer tires, at temperatures at least down into the low 30's F without undue difficulty.

It should be near-instinctive to catch a little twitch like this one ↓↓↓ . If it isn't, why isn't it? And if it is, why would there be any need to blame the nannies for maybe being AWOL?

If this sounds like a rant . . . well, it is. About the unintended consequences of having these nannies available in the first place. It's flat-out wrong to expect them to be able to solve every situation, every time. That you caught it this time is one thing . . .


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