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I'm having the same issue, so thought I'd post what I've been through. I've been working with a Regional Director, but have yet to get results. So far, they have:
- Road force balanced all 4 tires
- changed the Driveshaft
- Checked the front struts
- Blamed the steering mode -- apparently, if you are in Sport mode the car is designed to vibrate (per the Ford engineers)
- Changed 2 tires (a month after the road force balance)
- Found a misinstalled bearing in the differential case that shredded the inside of the case (1-inch long metal shavings and oil that looked like it had 100k miles). New case is on order but there are none available since the case is not being produced. Apparently, Ford is no longer producing Mustangs?? I seriously doubt that, but Ford will not provide a replacement part to the dealer.

The car is currently at the dealer torn apart, and the best they can offer is "we'll keep working with Ford and hope they can provide a part sometime. In the meantime, please enjoy your free rental F150 that is at least the same color as your Mustang."

I guess the next step is BBB, although it appears they will be of no help. Below are a couple emails to which I've gotten no reply from the Regional Director.

Thank you, <Name>. I'm looking forward to driving a Mustang vice the many other vehicles I've been driving. And I will try to be optimistic that the problems I've had are not just the tip of the iceberg. On a positive note, every time I get to drive it it feels like I'm getting into a new vehicle I've never driven. I apologize for the lack of confidence and slight bitterness, but I can't remember ever having this number of problems in a new vehicle, let alone a used vehicle. Frankly, a top that cuts holes in itself and still occasionally pops (literally) when going up, a bad driveshaft (well documented in forums), two bad tires, a differential that wasn't far from a catastrophic failure -- all within 6 months -- do not lend themselves to create confidence in Ford's ability to deliver quality.

I know you can't do this with 100%, but I hope someone can provide me with something that improves my confidence that another failure isn't right around the corner. Again, I apologize for my tone, but I am seriously worried about "what's next", and am frustrated at the lack of quality in this particular vehicle. I feel like I paid Ford a Li if money to alpha or beta test a vehicle thru its development stages.

I just spoke with my SM, and he passed on the bad news that Ford does not have any differential housings available and no plans to produce any. I'm very surprised since that indicates that Mustangs are no longer being produced. After all, these differentials are used on Mustangs on the production line. If there are no differentials, there must be no more Mustangs. Would it behoove me to find one on eBay, or is there another alternative available, please? As a retired Air Force aircraft maintainer. I understand that sometimes components of next higher assemblies are sometimes not available. When we ran into that situation, especially when it was important to our customers (US citizens) for a mission to fly, we ordered the next higher assembly. If the differential is not available, is the rear suspension assembly available? If not, is a different Mustang? It seems that there are options that simply have not yet been explored. Please let me know if these might be available, or if there is some other option I should explore. Thank you, and have a great weekend.
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