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Originally Posted by Norm Peterson View Post
If this sounds like a rant . . . well, it is. About the unintended consequences of having these nannies available in the first place. It's flat-out wrong to expect them to be able to solve every situation, every time. That you caught it this time is one thing . . .

Wow! Quite an uncalled for rant it is at that.

Norm, I'm VERY familiar with performance driving, friction coefficient and centripetal acceleration. As a retired police officer, pursuit driving instructor, and accident reconstruction specialist, I think I have a grip on the physics here.

I have no idea why you are arriving at the conclusion I'm "Hammering the pedal and jerking the wheel". I didn't say anything like that.

What I wasn't familiar with is the changing behavior of the mustang stability controls, and the vehicle specific characteristics. You are making way to much out of my question.

I don't EXPECT anything out of the nanny controls other that proper operation. I like them there... Just like an airbag or a seatbelt they're no substitute for proper driving, but they don't hurt the safety aspects they enhance it. Even the best drivers (performance or otherwise) can make a mistake or have a mishap.

Please... If you are upset by any of my posts, feel free to ignore.

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