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Originally Posted by Aztec View Post
Well been looking to see if the quad mufflers will sound deeper..: I also like the look...

Does no one like the quad exhaust look? I know it cost a lot, but why all the hate? Lol?
I don't see any hate...?

I personally was just throwing out ideas/suggestions as if I already had a Borla Atak system with Boss Side Pipes the last thing I would want or need is a $1000 muffler if I already have 600-800 Borla and 200-500 Side pipes. Would rather keep what I got. Figured at this point since Borla is the name in the exhaust industry and sounds amazing. I figured you were going for the quad exhaust look which is why I made the suggestions I did.

You won't find much hate on this forum has the Mods seem to do a A+ good job at cleaning it up faster that half the people can see it. haha

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