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Originally Posted by MustangLife View Post
I am wondering and thinking as well that there is missing information and the whole story hasn't been told. Something doesn't make sense.
There have been zero mods the car is 100% stock the first dealership told me that they were stuck with the bill for the first and 2nd mt82 they delt with ford claimed abuse, the 2nd dealership said they didn't have a transmission specialist and the 3rd I made them call the ford customer care folks and tell them that they wouldn't work on a ford while it was still under warranty, ford then conference called me with the dealership that im currently dealing with and set the appointment up. the car has never been on a track, but it does have a track key and a video that came with the car showing you how to take it to the road course or even set up launch control to drag race all im looking for is if someone else has had a similar issue and if so what did they do, there's no missing info I've reported this problem to ford, several times had there service managers call customer care I love the car and it does not have a scratch on it,
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