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Sorry boys.....But if the OP IS running "Regular" YUK!! Crap gas (Either 87-89 R+M~2, Then that Coyote's Copperhead PCM IS Yanking a Boatload of Timing out of any "Correctly" written Tune (God forbid they changed the Crank Rotation to Knock sensor Timing Algorithm" (But I Would bet BAMA would NOT screw with that) But OTHERS HAVE! and from there they have turned their Coyote 5.0's into Hand Grenades with the PIN REMOVED!!........Why on Earth (Especially with Fuel prices so low!) Would You Run ANYTHING OTHER Than 93 Octane (91 in Cali, But they can NOW GET VP 100 AND Sunoco GT 100 Octane (Right At The Pump!) there in Cali now too!!)

420 Stock HP. 11.0:1 Compression Ratio With Sintered Iron Con Rods! And Running ANYTHING LOWER than 91 Octane is a Sin! (If you read the "Fine Print" Ford states that the '11-'12 GT HP Rating of 412 and the '13-'14 GT Rating WAS achieved with "PREMIUM" 93 Octane!.....I very well know that you can run a Coyote on regular (Again YUCK!) But alls it takes is 1 bad tank of that crap, while you are hammering that Loud Pedal, on a nice HOT day.....And you run the chances of "Ventilating" that Block with one of those Connecting Rods! Or if you have a Preignition at about 5,500 RPM's You run a good chance of "Shattering" one of your Hypereutectic Slugs! Either way, it will be YOU buying the new Engine, Cause Ford WILL most definitely say it was "Not a Ford Tune, So please go to the window and order a $6,000.00 engine for us to replace ".

If you can afford a Stang with a 5.0......Then why not feed her the very best juice?!.....I mean heck I run NOTHING but VP MS-109 in My Girl in the Summer! And with the "Adaptive Timing" that the Copperhead software runs (It adds Timing until it detects a "Knock" Event, then it pulls Timing within 1/2 of a Crankshaft Rotation!.....But the HIGHER the Octane you run (Even with a FRPP Tune) it will add timing down low for all that Extra Torque from 1,500 RPM's to 4,000 RPM's!.......Time to get that Girl off of "Ripple" and give her at least a nice "Chardonnay" ... i.e a Tier 1 fuel (93 Octane from, Global, BP, SHELL, Sunoco)

Just sayin......

Oh and Yes the Coyote comes with Shortie Headers (They are very similar to "Tri-Y's" (Because of the old time Firing Order that Ford went back to...Yep the Coyote 5.0 has the Same Firing Order as the Old Flat-Head V8 had!!.....This is why a lot of Peeps think that the 4.6's (Regardless of how Many Valves they had!) .......I for one know my '08 GT-500 sounded better then my Coyote does......Hell sometimes I even think that my 2010 GT 3V sounded better!....But their are just as many that say the 32V TiVCT Coyote sounds better also!.......

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