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Originally Posted by ingram63 View Post
no, the car has a 3 year 36,0000 mile bumper to bumper and a 5 year 60,000 mile power train warranty
Are you Absolutely sure as far as the "Track-Key" activation NOT effecting your Warranty!?.....I think that this is where the "Bogger in the Napkin Lies.....Dont forget, the Red "Track-Key" is indeed a FRPP Product, as is the Tune that it enables, (Yes FRPP worked closely with FoMoCo to develop this Option) But I am almost positave that I read that Enabling the Red Key has some funky "Legalese" lawyer "Mubo-Jumbo" in the fine Print as far as the Powertrain Warranty is concerned!........

It has been also hinted that when it comes to the S550 (2015+ Stangs. that are equipped with the "Line-Lock" feature, as Ford has put into question the Powertrain warranty when the Line-Lock is activated, As to what is actually covered if used??....i.e. Broken Half-Shafts, Driveshaft, and Rear Diff.......Now from what I have heard from MY local Dealer, Ford (Dearborn) is "In The Weeds" so to speak as to what EXACTLY IS COVERED WHEN 1 of THESE COMPONENTS FAILS BECAUSE OF A "Line-Lock" Activation???......Go figure.....

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