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Originally Posted by blu13gt View Post
When I get it to the alignment shop. What camber is reasonable for street use and for road course use?
That kind of depends on how "enthusiastic" your average cornering when NOT at the track is. If it's very hard a lot of the time, -1.25° probably won't be enough. My car's cambers are out around -2° and just about at the limits of what I can adjust them to, which might be just a little too much for street-only. But since anywhere from 10% to over 25% of the miles I run up on that car are track miles, I plan to just leave them there as long as I continue to get reasonably even tire wear.

I'm guessing that the lowering drove your cambers half a degree further negative than they were before (which could have been anything from zero to -1.5° and still be "in spec"). If they were actually at -0.75° (factory preferred), they'll be in a decent enough place for most peoples' DD while being better suited to the occasional/introductory autocross or road course day than they were before.

If you have camber plates or Steeda HD strut mounts, you could fairly easily have your alignment set for DD and simply push the camber more negative at the track (toe will change, but it will change in a "good" direction for hard cornering as camber goes further negative). Mark where your settings are or use some other method to ensure that you can return to the street settings afterward.


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