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2012 Mustang GT Exhaust Question (the ongoing debate)

Hi All,

I have a 2012 Mustang GT, and I'm a little lost about what to do with my exhaust.

Current mods are: K&N filter, GT500 axleback mufflers, Ford Racing tune (the one that comes with their "power pack").

Since the car is not going to be my daily anymore, and I'm slowly towards building it as a track weapon, I'm trying to find the best exhaust for it and would like some opinions. I will be doing mostly road racing with it. Nothing serious though.

My long-term options are adding more power with a supercharger while maintaining as much drive-ability as I can.

I'm confused because YouTube doesn't really help me in terms of figuring out which exhaust sounds like what, since most all videos are recorded differently, and I never really know what they are running besides PYRES MUFFLERS YO.

So I ask, for someone looking to supercharge their car, turn it into a track weapon/some fun cruising times, what exhaust setup do you recommend that's going to not really limit me on power making while still bringing out that "mustang rumble" that I seem to hear on some cars and not on others? Some mustangs I've heard sound like crap and I want to know what's the difference in what they're running.

Thanks all,

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