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Originally Posted by replacement View Post
I do not have a very good feeling about the filter being larger that the plate,

I don't really like it - see what the mishimoto has to say on Monday - feel bad Alex overnighted the cooler since it does not look like I can work on the car this weekend,

John - Sorry about the delay and to see this. That's downright odd and thank you for having pictures loaded up so we can take a look. Please keep me in the loop on what Mishimoto's saying about this. We're not all that far from them and we work with them very closely. If they let us know (I can provide my contact info for them if need be) I'm happy to work with them once they're able to establish what happened.

Don't worry about sending the kit overnight, that was on me and I just wanted to make sure we had something in your hands for the weekend.

Please keep me in the loop I'll be on this thread all day.


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