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So that indeed was the skip shift solenoid! Have been driving the car a few hundred miles and no MIL.

I'd like to say that the Trans was installed and I lived happily ever after with my new used mt82... However that's not the case.

I'm having issues with my 1-2 shift, where I'll think my car is in 2nd gear, I let off the clutch and I hear a horrible grinding noise, in which I immediately depress the clutch and go into neutral, third, or 1st depending on my speed.

My bro/mechanic, although I told him to make sure the correct fluid (qdc and additive) was put in the Trans, he got confused when Ford told him to use "dual clutch" fluid, and opted for the qs fluid. My question is, how likely is it that I have a bad synchro in 2nd gear, or is the issue that I don't have the correct fluid for the year of the Trans? Every other gear works great except for 2nd. Any help would be awesome
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