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Originally Posted by replacement View Post
ok, I have been stressed out trying to go down the path of installing an oil cooler on my 2013 GT.

First question - I should be able to use the Ford Racing FL820 oil filter part number is CM-6731-FL820 oil filter in my car, no?

I have looked closely and it is on many web sites this filter will fit my car. I am not sure the differences but I purchased some of these filter due to believing they are an upgrade.

I received my Mishimoto oil cooler kit from American Muscle. Alex cam through with great customer service and got me the cooler kit.

It appears to me the sandwich plate does fit the FL820 filter.

Has anyone been on this path before me and can they offer some guidance on my question/concern? I will not be able to contact Mishimoto until Monday.

The filter is the correct part number right?

Am I missing a better solution for oil cooling and ports for gauges?

Thank you in advance, john
Originally Posted by replacement View Post
pictures of the issue
Originally Posted by replacement View Post
I have not received any information back form Mishimoto on the fitment issue. I am guessing they are not going to respond. They said they would contact me by e-mail and they said they viewed this thread. I most likely should have never gone down this road as it doesn't look like I will be getting any support. SHOSKER's install shown using the 500 motorcraft filter. I guessing that is the issue. I am not sure what I am going to do at this point. Would love to find a quality oil to air cooler for my project. I have searched around and have not found any other option that used a thermostat to control temp.
Sorry for the delayed response! I ran out of time yesterday to check these filters, but managed to sneak out today and grab some measurements.

Interestingly enough, the 820 filter does indeed have a larger O-ring, which is what is causing the overhang. Dimensions below.

OD: 72.75MM
ID: 63.35MM
Width: 4.7MM

OD: 69.75MM
ID: 60.35MM
Width: 4.7MM

Our kit was built around the 500 filter and I would not recommend using the larger 820. While the 820 might fit just fine on the factory oil filter housing, the footprint on our sandwich plate is smaller.

So, a 500 filter should solve this one for you. Samantha will likely be reaching out to you by phone or email today to pass on the information. In addition, we should probably add a note to our site indicating the 820 filter should not be used.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!


Originally Posted by SHOSKER View Post
I use the standard FL-500S with my oil cooler. I checked to see if the dimensions are the same, and they are. The difference is in bypass and thus flow. Should work.
That's the one!

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