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Forgot I posted this... yeah, I'll probably be switching back to stock as I have vibration. Approaching 65 and higher it's a vibration that goes through the whole car, subtle but there, slightly vibrating my rear very mirror.
Wasn't sure it is needed rebalanced or if that would even help. And as it was not disclosed in the description, when the car is on the lift the shaft rubs on the top of the exhaust pipes...
Overall, I can tell a bit more snap from the beast, which I like, but I certainly don't like the vibration. I don't want it to wreck anything else or damage the motor, if that's possible.
I didn't need it but enjoyed the idea of a few extras horses with less rotating mass... and all that stuff but the vibrating ruins the benefits I've enjoyed.
With so few miles on it, I might try to sell it
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