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Strange RPM drop

I've noticed something odd, so when I start the car if you try to rev it while it's in park after it's just started the RPMs actually sharply drop. Sometimes I think it might actually quit, though it never has. Before someone chastises me for doing this, I've only tried it when the engine is warm not on cold starts and I'm not revving it to 7k or anything crazy, just like 2k or so. Is this some sort of automated protection the car has or is there some issue here?

It just strikes me as odd, I've never owned a car that behaved like this. If I wait several seconds, maybe 10-15 seconds then you can rev it like normal. Mostly just want to know if this is something I need to have looked at. I have an auto so I'm wondering, if any of you with a manual try to rev it just after it's started at all does it also dip the RPMs or does it rev as expected?

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