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Couple of interesting problems

First, I'd like to say that I love my stang. I really do. But I absolutely hate her sometimes too. Here's why:

The most recent and longest issue, has been a chirping somewhere in the wheels. I've brought up the TSB regarding the anti rattle clips to a few dealers, they looked at me like I had three eyes. So I replaced them myself when I replaced the rotors and all that jazz. Still doing it, meanwhile I've upgraded pretty much everything in the rear from the sway bars, to the axles all the way to driveshaft, springs and everything else. Full class three suspension kit from Steeda was installed. Suggestions?

I haven't been able to find an actually truly flat surface to see if its brought on my bumps/ruts/etc but it definitely seems as though it happens louder when I hit a bump vs when I don't. So far I've even gone as far as thinking one of the debris shields were bent and causing the noise so I inspected them thinking that might be the cause, only to find that it wasn't the cause.

I've had several shops look at it and they can't figure it out, meanwhile when I hear it I want to launch the stang off a mountain top as it does more than get under my skin at this point.

Next we have the wonderful oil life monitor. Again I brought up the TSB for that as well and pretty much got the same response. A few times, I've had to track mileage as it stayed at 100% for literally thousands of miles. Finally changed it at 7500 miles with an oil life of 100% which then resulted in me resetting it after the change. Immediately dropped to 0% once I reset it after the 7500 mile oil change. I reset it again and it did the same thing. Reset it a third time and after about 2000 miles told me it was time to change the oil.

I'm using full synthetic mobile1 oil and after sampling the oil three times since the warning came on at 2000 miles, I'm now at around 9000 with decent consistency. I'll be changing it Tomorrow when I get to Denver so it'll be changed at around 9250 miles.

Are there any good ways in dealing with these stealerships on TSB's? If not, any way I can just disable the oil life monitor without causing a huge issue? I always check mileage and maintain my fluids so it wouldn't be that big of a loss, plus I'm sick of resetting it constantly.

Beyond that, I love her. Her and I have gone cross country twice (and on my third trip cross country right now), sitting with just under 30k miles in total and heavily modded so that she looks sweet and rides even sweeter. I just grow tired of these two annoyances.

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