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Originally Posted by Cobrajet67 View Post
Originally Posted by Quan Cheese:
"Doubt it would have anything to due with the oil filter. Also Pennzoil didn't kill your motor (If thats the case) I run Pennzoil Platinum in my 3v and its treated me well."

Sorry, but the pictures don't lie. As another poster already showed pictorial evidence of the difference between brands other than Motorcraft displaying the smaller element and incorrect/cheaper anti-drain back valve there's nothing to argue with. Anything other than a Ford filter(Motorcraft or Ford Racing) will be subpar. All other brands design and manufacture their filters to sell as many as they can for the cheapest possible price with profit as the only motivation. Aftermarket oil filter brands like Bosch, Purolator, K&N, STP, etc don't make cars and have no interest in keeping warranties intact like the actual car manufacturers do(I'm only talking about oil filters here not awesome K&N air filters).
Also, you have to consider that there are always defects out of any batch of manufactured goods. Out of the many millions of filters made each year there will be a few that squeeze by that don't do there job correctly.

I'm not saying the Bosch is a good filter I just don't think its the cause of the tick. I agree, Motorcraft is all I run. But Purolator makes motorcraft, Motorcraft is a Purolator classic. If they dont have my fl820s I get the puro classic.
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