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Originally Posted by rob47v View Post
Internally the Gt engine and the boss engine are the same. Same poistons, crank block heads. With the difference being exhaust cams, and the intake system. The oil squirters are only but I could be wrong on the F150 engines to help minimize detonation during heavy towing. The knocking or ticking issue is also pleuged the F150 engines. Its a modular engine issue, doesn't discriminate according to the flavor of car.
I can attest to the fact that the ticking, slap sound did apply to my 2013 F150. Occasionally, it would ideal rough as well but not code an issue. Eventually this changed. First taking a check engine light that cleared. Then taking a second check engine light a couple of weeks later, I went to AutoZone to have the fault read. Their diagnosis was a Number 7 plug or coil. Hearing coil, I took it to the dealer as I have 53,000 miles on the vehicle and it was still under warranty. The dealer did a compression test which showed poor compression. They followed that up with a leak down test which was also less than desirable. Bore scoping Cylinder 7, the cylinder walls are scored. I am now waiting for the warranty process to run its course which to date my total time without the vehicle is three weeks.

For those in the know, can you shed more light on potential issues such as this. I have seen Ford's may be tend to have issues on Cylinders 6 & 7. Is this an oil starvation thing (possible windage control) or coolant path issue hampering the heat transfer from these cylinders? How is this affected by hypereutectic piston alloys? Has piston quality been an issue in the past leading to spalling on the skirt?

How common is this tick, piston slap issue? Is there some definitive information on this type of issue for the 5.0L modular?
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