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As I understand it from other threads (on here, try some searches):

Yes they will go on the car and clear the brakes; but they are not exactly right so wheels that were designed for S197 car would be "better"

-- Hub diameter is bigger on the S550 (2015+) than S197 (2014-2005) -- this means the 2015 wheel will go on the 2014 car, but it will not be "hub centered" like it should be

-- Lug thread size is different; pretty sure the lug nuts are different and the taper in the hole is different - so you will need to use 2014 lug nuts in the 2015 wheels; they should fit but there might be clearance issues with the wrench and the taper might not match up exactly

Originally Posted by BMVoigt View Post
. . . I have a 2012 with a set of 2007 aluminum SVT rims 18x9 - 255/45/18 front and 18x10 - 285/40/18 rear. No rub in the rear but a little bit of rub in the front. . . .
That is very strange that you have rub in the front, with SVT (Ford Special Vehicle Team) wheels and 255/45-18 tires. Any Ford S197 wheel that I know of, should be OK on any S197 car, unless there is something unusual like extreme lowering or super-huge tires. What is rubbing, and what Roush kit are you talking about?

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