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I change mine myself. It's easy but you need some ramps, an oil change bucket and a few tools. I like the oil filter wrench I got at Princess Auto - (PN 8104028). I get any name brand synthetic oil on sale at Crappy Tire (Pennzoil, Castrol or Quaker State) and a good filter (anything but Fram). Old oil can be dropped off at CT too. I get Wix filters at Autovalue. Just a hint from experience - when you take the oil filter off, make sure the rubber seal comes with it. Sometimes it sticks to the engine and when you put the new filter on it doesn't make a good seal and you end up with oil all over the garage floor. You only do this once LOL.
Also I then have a look at the rest of the stuff and get to bond with the car. Lots of things you can do yourself and save some $$ which you can put toward mods - which can be expensive.
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