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Originally Posted by 5LHO View Post
Got it....

The mid 13 GT cars got dual path at some point too but, it depends on manufacture date, I think. This is discussed with reference to the new Track Cal setup.

Absolutely right on the idea that you can't run a tune required CAI on a car not tuned for it. Does Steeda sell and insert version? The factory CAI too my last 5.0 into the 11s on the Procal tune so, I wasn't in a hurry to change it.
yea the insert is like $89

no point in getting the $$$$ steeda if your gunna use the insert tho

its my understanding that the only ones with dula path are the ones that can use two different keys. So only the 2012, 2013 boss's and the 2014.5 track packs. I believe the lopey idle need 5w50 in order to function correctly. The track cal (once installed) acts like an aftermarket tune. It replaces the stock tune therefore it does not have or need a dual path since it always activated by any key.

but then again i think your right that something changed in the 2013 5.0's that allow them to have the track cal stuff. i just dont think its the dual path thingy. Maybe just an updated single path ecu thingy. If they had dual path there would be no reason why they couldnt have the trackey

2014 Black 5.0 Track Pack with to many mods.
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