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I installed an Autometer oil pressure gauge about a year ago on my '14 GT. I normally run 5w30 Mobil 1 full syn. The pressures I get at normal engine temps are 26 psi. at idle [ 750 rpm ] , 80 psi. at 2,200 rpm which is a typical interstate speed and 100 psi above 4,000 rpm. Idle pressure on a cold start is quite a bit higher, near 100 psi. no doubt the oil pressure bypass valve is opened up pretty good then. Boss 302's and track pack engines come with a oil to water cooler and call for 5w50 oil. The oil to water cooler also acts as an oil warmer when the engine is cold since the water temps will come up faster than the oil temps will. This is helpful given the relatively thick oil used in these engines. Still the cold flow rate is a 5 regardless if your using 5w20 or 5w50. Some people have reported overheating when using oil to water coolers as opposed to a true race type oil to air cooler when doing serious track days or racing. This is in spite of having two quarts greater radiator capacity on these cars. One final observation, older pushrod engines from Ford, GM and Chrysler all drove the oil pump from the camshaft drive which caused them to run at one half crankshaft speed. The Coyote engines drive the oil pump directly off the crankshaft causing the pump to run at the same rpm as the crankshaft. In so far as I know both GM's LS series engines and Chrysler's 3 rd. gen Hemis are driven off the crankshaft too. IMO this combined with the relatively thin oils used in modern engines is why we see such a wide spread in oil pressure from idle to red line compared to what we saw in older pushrod engines.
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