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I got mine from NFC Performance:

I don't know if they're worth the trouble. They look awesome, but they're not reliable. One light went out after about 8 months of having it installed. I had to take off the bumper again to remove the resistor and mail it in. Of course I had to reinstall the bumper so I can drive my car while I waited for them to get back to me. They mailed back a replacement in about 3 weeks. During the wait time, I ordered a new resistor from ebay so I could have an extra one in hand since I read in the forums that the Oracles are known to go out every year or less. Installed the new resistor but almost a year later, the OTHER light went out. This time I was able to install the new resistor I bought on ebay while I sent off the non-working resistor to Oracle for a swap. Unfortunately, Oracle claim the resistor was working just fine for them, so declined the warranty request. After I paid for the return postage and got my non-working resistor back, another light went out a week or two later (I gave up on Oracle from their lack of support). Because of the Oracle lights, I took my bumper off/on so many times. I don't know if the lights are worth the trouble.

If the issues with the resistors aren't enough, I also noticed on the halo ring itself, one part of the light doesn't shine anymore. It's like one of the little "bulbs" went out permanently. I wonder if the resistors were working properly, other bulbs would start going out as well.

If you do purchase the lights, you might want to purchase an extra resistor in the event one of the resistors go out -- just so you have a back-up.
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