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I'd be interested to know if it isn't the car but instead the gasoline available that might make a car IN a Carb state a little weak on performance.

Compuer controlled ignition and 11:1's not hard to imagine any car, not just a Coyote powered car, with higher compression levels might make more power at WOT with higher octane gasoline available.

I noticed Maine and Mass on that list of 13 states that have adopted the CARB standard......I'm not sure about Massachusetts but I go into Maine often enough to avoid a "fill up" when-ever possible......I can get 93 octane gasoline in New Hampshire at almost every gas station......yet in Maine I can't find anything higher than 91. I have to imagine that might make a difference in power levels any individual Coyote motor might be able to make before timing is retarded to control engine "knock".

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