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Knocking noise in clutch?

I've been noticing a slight rhythmic knocking noise at idle with the transmission in neutral after the car is fully warmed up and has been driven a while. I can also feel it in the gearshift knob.

While idling at a stop in neutral the noise goes away if I depress the clutch and comes back if I let the clutch out. The noise also goes away if I bring the rpms up slightly. Can't really hear anything out side the car and the motor appears to be very quiet. Only hear this inside the car with the windows up.

I know there is a TSB for the stretchy belt causing idle knocks and ticks but that TSB has been done and it made no difference. What's weird is that some days its there and others it isn't. The other thing I was thinking might be the transmission input shaft bearing as pushing the clutch in would stop that from turning and I understand those have been problematic in more ways than one.

I'm just wondering if this is typical of these cars. Mine only has 11K on it and I am an older conservative driver so it hasn't been beat on.

Anyone else notice this before I ask my dealer and they tell me they can't hear it or it's normal?

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