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Due to haw the Coyote engine works you'll have a hard time finding an H pipe. I do like the sound of the H but from a performance standpoint they don't work well. An X pipe does something called exhaust scavenging and helps with performance in the higher RPM's so most (if not all) mfg's have gone to it.

Most all of the long tubes you can buy on the market bolt right up to the rear pipes. I assume you could buy a set that requires a custom exhaust all the way back but I would hope that would be stated in the description. But that would be outside of the norm.

I also have BBK headers. At first I purchased the catted version but I am supercharged and I wanted a little more flow so I also bought the off road x. To swap between them is only a 30 min or so job with a jack and a couple of jack stands.
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