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Originally Posted by Strange Mud View Post
idk but some CAI's have an insert that you pu in/out for tuned/no tune..check with AM's site. You'll have to dissasemble for install but it's simple. Remember to put a rag in the lower part when removing the bolt that holds the large plastic piece in or if you drop tool/bolt it's a pita to get it out. $150 is a good price.

the rag bit is from my V6 but I believe it's applicable for the V8. side note these only add sound w/o tune there will be no HP addition but the sound improvement is why I bought mine.

I spoke with the seller again just a few minutes ago… Although he bought the no tune required intake he said that he did eventually have it tuned. When I asked him about the insert, which by the way is called a MVT or modular Venturi Tube, he said he is not very familiar with it but that he did not remove anything when he tuned for the intake. That seems counterproductive to tune for an intake but not remove the insert that helps increase the airflow doesn't it?

I asked him could he pop off the air filter and see if that insert is in there… Because I would not be able to put on the intake without a tune if I am understanding it correctly.....

If he does not have the insert and for whatever reason took it off just doesn't remember… Is it still a good deal even though I can't put it on until I get a tuner?
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