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OK so I talked to the seller again and I do not think that this intake has the MGT insert which means it would need a tune. I was going to buy a tuner eventually just not right away.

Come to find out he is also selling a Bama SCT X4 and said it has four unlocks left… He showed me a screen that said unmarried - i'm not super savvy with tuners so I'm assuming this means it's unlocked?

He wants $200 for the tuner. Do I have to use Bama with this tuner or can I use anyone… Even though it has a Bama sticker on the front of it?

Would you guys by the intake only for $150, the tuner only for $200 or buy them both for $350?

Edit: you cannot buy the MVT insert separately. There is a video on AM comparing the two and they are essentially the same intake except for the insert.
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