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You should base this off of your powerband. Do you happen to know where your peak power is? Choose whatever gear will get you to the end of the quarter at your peak power in 4th gear. What RPM are you at right now crossing the line? I have you crossing between 6500-7000 (guess). How close (or far off) am I?
To be honest I dont know the power band and i never thought of it :P. i am not an expert but thanks for enlighten me about that. but this is my base tune run on a Dyno-jet. and you are correct sir last time i checked as far as i remember, it was 6400-6600.

28" tire and 7000rpm will get you 127 in fourth if your run a 4.56. That's probably a good place to start.

4.88 won't even get you to 120- so that would necessitate a shift to fifth, which is something you don't want
for now I cross the finish line at 6400-6600 @121.

What is your powerband? The proper gears are determined by your powerband. Your pretty much limited to 4.56's without having to shift to 5th, or running it out past 7000rpm.

I watched the video. Did you get a 1.62 60'? I would think you could get a better 60' than that with slicks. You should be in the low 1.5's. If you can't launch any harder than that, then you need to work on tuning the suspension so you can.

BTW, nice ride I bet it took a ton of work to get to that powerlevel NA
My best without cams was 1.60 but with cams for some reason it's around 1.67 maybe it's the weather or the track prep wasn't that good idk. I broke the housing and axles after launching at 7000 RPM :P but i think it was because i made the shocks way to stiff. I launch @ 4700 or 5200 at the moment.

And thanks . yeah it took a lot of work and going from one tuner to another and a lot of work but still I know i can get the car to 10.9 and that's my target ^^.

check the Dyno sheet and that's the base tune run.
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