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Originally Posted by Lynwood View Post
I went with the stage 2 P1SC Procharger. It's very consistent at the track with traction. No heatsoak issues and at 8psi it makes 593 rwhp 450 rwtq and ran a [email protected] last time at the track spinning off the line with a crappy 1.75 60'. I went with Procharger because I feel the centrifugal superchargers are a bit easier on the engine because the torque is less and not as hard on the engine and wanted to keep my power level more on the conservative side so I can run the stock engine as long as possible. That's just me though.
I wouldn't limit power just because of a roll cage rule at the track though. You will be bored with 500rwhp before you get home from the dyno tune especially going from what you have now the car might not feel too much faster than what it is now. Depending on your track you will probably get a few runs before they tell you to quit. It just depends on how strict they are. I have ran a bunch of runs under 11.50 at my track and haven't been kicked out yet. I go when there isn't much going on just test and tune and they seem to be a lot more lenient than I was expecting.

The P1SC pro charger will be smog legal in my state in 2 months. I'm looking into this one for sure. I was just going to run 7 psi with pro charger's tune. Did you run this set sup? If so, how were the shift points? Mine is 100% stock so I am looking for more aggressive shifts. If not, what tune did you run?

Great 1/4 mile time btw!!!

2012 automatic black Mustang 5.0, the most basic model LOL.
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