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Thanks again for the feedback. I talked with the guy at length..nice guy...sold his GT after getting too many speeding tickets...after only having the car for 3 weeks that doesn't seem too far fetched lol.

The CAI is in really, really good shape...almost looks new or close to it. The SCT X4 is unmarried and has 4 unlocks left so it is good to go. He wanted $350 for both and I wanted to pay $300 so we met at $320 for everything which seemed very fair to me.

I don't know anything about tunes or engines, to be perfectly honest. I'm somewhat of an IT guy so I feel like jumping right in with tunes without learning is foolish...almost like taking apart a really important PC and tinkering with the motherboard or something that you really don't know much about...not likely to have a good ending. I have a lot of payments left on this sled so I definitely don't want to do any crazy this early.

The guy did say something about "he thinks this tuner has 3 preset tunes on it" and his car was a 2011 GT also (like mine)... But for some reason I didn't think they would work on mine. I need to learn more. Heck, I don't even know how to turn the damn thing on lol.
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