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Congratulations - she is a beautiful car! My husband and I have 2014 Race Red California Specials and love them. Mine is a convertible and his is a coupe with the panoramic roof

His is stock and the only mod I did was put on Corsa GT500 Sport Axleback Quad exhaust and valance. Sure makes for a much more mean growl when you WOT - and when you want to be just normal growl - she just purrs along. Welcome. I have heard that a Cold Air Return and a tune wakes up the power. I haven't done that and not sure I will but it is tempting....but I have all the power I need.

Enjoy learning and doing your mods - neither my husband and are remotely mechanical so we have to pay to have things done. Luckily we know some good guys that don't charge and arm and a leg. Love the color you picked out. If I hadn't gone Race Red I think the Gray is gorgeous!

We bought ours used. Found mine first it was a birthday present from my hubby. Found 1/2 hour from home. He loved driving mine so much he wanted his own but he wanted the same - the race red GT/CS Premium - but the coupe. We live in WI so 2 convertibles didn't make sense. Found his at a Mercedes Benz Dealer just north of Atlanta GA. The guy traded it with only 4400 miles on it and bought one of those 100,000 2 seater convertible Mercedes. I got luck and spotted it - it was on there lot for only 2 weeks. Did all the dealing over the phone and felt if there wasn't anything wrong with it - it was a deal so took a road trip - traded in a Buick LaCrosse 2005 and drove the new 2COOLGT home. LOL - so we are practically twins. He was going to drive his in the winter - now has decided to keep it in the garage and only use it if the roads are clean and no salt. LOL - we have a 2001 Chevy S10 4x4 and we share it. He is retired and I work a mile from home so...not too many problems so far. He drives me to work if he has things to do and if not I drive myself back and forth. We are blessed. I just wish I had his navigation in mine! He wants my exhaust on his - so a mods to come up with this summer.

Just for sound - I would check into exhaust! It can make a world of difference. I haven't heard the stock 2016 but I bet there is something better out there!

(2) 2014 Mustang GT/CS Premium California Special Race Red
1 Convertible w/Black Top
1 Coupe with Panoramic Roof
Coupe has the navigation system, Vert after market Pioneer 8100 Nex with Metra Kit
Both 19 x 8.5-in. machined face with black
painted aluminum wheels
Both with 6 speed Corsa Sport Axleback GT500 Quad Exhaust.
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