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Originally Posted by dgc333 View Post
Just to be clear not all Mustangs that came from the factory with 19" wheels have the strut brace or the K brace.

A guy I work with has a GT with the 50th anniversary appearance package. It came with 19" wheels and has neither the K or strut brace. If you order the base Ecoboost with the 19" wheel & stripe package you don't get either.

If you order the 20" wheel package on either the Ecoboost or GT you get the strut tower brace but you don't get the K brace (correct me if I am wrong about the K brace). The Ecoboost with the Performance Package comes with 19" wheels and has the K brace but no strut tower brace. The GT with the Performance Package comes with 19" wheels and has both the strut tower and K braces. The key to getting one or both braces is the inclusion of high performance summer tires. Both Performance Packages and the 20" wheel package come with the summer tires.

You are in the wrong subforum. This is a discussion about 2011-2014 Mustangs, not the 2015+ models.

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