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Cam sensor code bank 2

So for the past couple of weeks i have been getting a P0349 code. Its in regards to cam position "A" in bank 2. Drivability problems come and go, the car shuts off sometimes after coming to a stop and the idle lopes to the point where it feels like the car is going to shut off, but doesn't.
So the other day i deleted the code and replaced Cam sensor A in bank 2, and then today after hauling a** on the highway the same code popped up, and the car is now doing the same thing all over again.
I've read threads on other forums saying that the alternator quite possibly maybe the culprit, but before i waste 300$ on an alternator i want to be sure that this will solve the issue. Ive already gotten it tested at "auto-zone", but they say the only real way to test an alternator is to remove it.

Someone please help me out!

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