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I'll throw in my 2 cents for consideration.

Ford originally specified a heavier oil (75W-90, iirc) for the MT-82 but there were complaints about 'nibbling' on the 1-2 shift (and others). The spec was revised (for the '12 model year?) and made retroactive for all MT-82's to a lighter oil (5W-30). There is an additive, XL-18, that Ford adds, too, that makes things more silky, too.

On 'another site', there is a lengthy thread about the trans oil for MT-82's and the recommendation is 75W-90 for hot weather climates (where temperatures don't get below 50 F very often) and 5W-30 for colder climates. My own experience is that I just installed Amsoil MTG (75W-90) and it was a mistake (LOL) because eastern Missouri gets pretty cool and there is a nibble on the 1-2 and 4-5 shifts until things warm up. I work around the 1-2 nibble by starting in 2nd or shifting from 1 to 3. I will be switching to Amsoil MTF Syncromesh fluid (as was recommended....).

Redline MTL is used by some with good success, too. I am not pushing Amsoil, just reporting that it is popular for the MT-82. Some people will add the XL-18, too, to aftermarket fluids but some don't. You pays your money and you takes your chance.



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